Founded in 2002 by the union of lawyers and Christiane Schramm Guisso Astridt Hofmann, the SCHRAMM.HOFMANN ASSOCIATES mission is the constant pursuit of practical legal solutions, aligned to the strategic actions of firms. For this, invests deeply in the knowledge of the core business of its customers by anticipating and providing alternative scenarios for the generation of business ethics, sustainable and innovative.

The SCHRAMM.HOFMANN ASSOCIATES has highly qualified professionals to offer it legal solutions tailored to each client's needs and that promotes the training of its employees, not only in legal practice, but also regarding management and business knowledge needed to advocate business.

Throughout all these years our expertise has been consolidated through practices not only legal, but experiences in the business, acting as a strategic partner in our customers' businesses by providing support to decision-making processes and routines of business activities in order to protect the image, the assets and business interests.

We understand that the development of society is possible only with the active participation of the private sector. So we do present in municipal councils, business associations and discussion forums, where we have the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of laws and revision of procedures that allow the streamlining of public services.

The approach with the government and the constant debate with the class businesswoman add undeniable value to our services.

We are associated




Aware that the quality of their services and the sustainability of the firm depends on the strength of their values, SCHRAMM.HOFMANN ASSOCIATES built together with its employees and by consensus values ​​that govern:


Be whole. Put yourself into the little things you do with righteousness and consistency in thinking, speaking and acting.


Make well Well Wisdom of action, in action for action.


Always seek the highest degree of knowledge. 


Respect the differences and listen to people. 


Believe in people. Deposit and obtain trust. Allows autonomy to those who do deserve it.


Transform opportunities in actions. Antecipate, criate, dare.


Practicing our values ​​through accurate and innovative legal solutions to provide security in the corporate demands.


Being a reference for acting in business law with ethic and high technical performance.

Social Responsibility

We believe that education is the primary agent of social transformation. Therefore, we are supporters of Junior Achievement SC, the oldest and largest school of economics and business world. The purpose of Junior Achievement is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in young people, encourage personal development, providing a clear view of the business world and facilitating access to the labor market. Through this program, we encourage our staff to pursue volunteering, teaching and sharing their experiences in the classroom.