Compliance and Anticorruption Law

Christiane Schramm Guisso talks about the Compliance and Anti-Corruption Law in the new issue of the Ferramental.

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Changes in the new law of the ISS-Joinville

This subject is able only in Portuguese

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The unconstitutionality of the secret sessions of the DRJ

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Corporate Memorandum. It is possible to provide a holding in the form of EIRELI?

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ISS x ICMS at Graphic Services

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Opinion - Labor Law - Accumulation of Activities

The accumulation function assumes the effective provision of services in more than one activity that has not been contracted expressly or impliedly, as the employee is required to provide the services according to your personal condition, ie, if it is able to do should do it. Read more. Obs.: The content of this publication is only in Portuguese

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